Wednesday, February 18, 2004

அதைக்கு மீசை முளைச்சா? சித்தப்பா !!!

கிரிக்கெட் வீரர் சித்து பிஜேபியில் சேர்ந்தபோது கொடுத்த பேட்டி. முத்துக்களாக உதிர்த்துள்ளார். மாதிரிக்கு இங்கே:

" The swan and crane both live in the pond. While the former looks for jewels, the latter looks for fish. A party that does not progress is not a party. Lot of developmental work has been done under Prime Minister Vajpayee's leadership. He is a man of principles."

"The fragrance of flowers travels along the way in which the wind blows, but the fragrance of human goodness spreads in all directions."

" How long were they working on you to join the BJP?

This is not a fair question. It has to be a mutual decision where both parties benefit. I am not here for any benefit. Let me tell you that my joining the BJP party is totally unconditional. I have come here as a simple worker. I have got everything that God could have granted anyone.

Have you cooled down as a person?

Anger is like temporary madness; you got to restrain it. The more you restrain it the more wisdom you gain. The more I meditate I get calmer and calmer. Everyone makes mistakes. Kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta; kisi ko zameen ya aasman nahin milta [No one gets the entire world; some get neither the land or the sky].

Nobody is perfect my friend. You are on a learning curve; you learn with each mistake.

Will you contest the Patiala Lok Sabha seat?

There is no question of ifs. If my aunty had been a man she would have been my uncle. Until or unless someone gives me that responsibility I shall not comment.

I said my coming is unconditional. There is no question of asking something. These ifs and buts do not work"

முழுவதும் இங்கே படியுங்கள்.

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