Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oli Radio

Singapore's Radio Oli wanted some sound byets from me on the latest poltical developments. Checkout the audio here at 5.15 pm IST and the repeat at 5.15 am IST on 20th - tomorrow. If you are living in Singapore, tune in at Oli - 7.45 pm sg time today and 7.45 am sg time tomorrow, 20th. and let me know your feedback.


பரி (Pari) said...

I will try to listen to it, provided oli doesn't buffer. Of late, oli's online streaming sucks :(

Aruna Srinivasan said...

Oli's wedsite also offers some kind of solution to that buffer problem. Cheackout their site.

பரி (Pari) said...

Just listened to your views in "kaNNOttam" in oli.
My 2 cents.

I'm not aware of the congress' campaign stmt. that prime ministerial candidate will be chosen only after the election. Reading news from internet doesn't give a clear picture. I don't know if this stmt. was clearly said in the campaign. From what I understood, Sonia was projected as PM. Everyone knew about it, IMO(Forget about BJP).
I think your point that "people were clear about it" is pretty weak :-)
However, your constitutional point that, elected MPs choose PM is a valid argument. But how many are aware of such consititional provisions?(including me).

BTW, you have a sweet voice (ice, ice! :)))